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Today I am reading Chapter 15 of the book Everybody Writes written by Author Ann Handley.

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The goal of this book Everybody Writes is to guide you in creating ridiculously good content by showing how to write better (or how to hate writing less). Tell a true story interestingly. The book will show you best practices for creating credible, trustworthy content steeped in some time-honoured rules of solid journalism and finally, content tools that everyone should use.

Chapter 15

If you take a running start, cover your tracks

At the beginning of a piece, many of us take too long to delve into the topic. We offer too much setup and background.

It’s a great way to warm up to a topic, but it is advisable to erase the running start, covering my tracks completely and getting to the key point more directly.

My commentary

I’m afraid I have to disagree with the author on this point. An introduction is an essential piece of any writing. Creating enthusiasm and building curiosity by narrating a story or setting the scene is not a bad idea.

In my opinion, It’s a must-have element to incorporate in our writing. I believe it creates a lasting impression on the reader than just going straight into the topic by throwing some boring stats straight on to our reader’s lap.

An intro paragraph is a necessary element which helps to set the context and tone of what is coming ahead is like providing an important perspective to the reader.

I can’t entirely agree to the author’s views of come straight to the point without the fluff. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Chapter 16

Notice where words appear in relation to others around them

Misplaced modifiers and odd word order are among the most common errors I see made by marketersβ€”and by most writers, for that matter.

They are also the easiest to correct.

Here’s an example (adapted from a Chyten workbook exercise) of a misplaced modifier (in this case, also called a dangling modifier)

Original: We thought the New York Yankees sucked, having just returned from the playoff game.

Corrected: Having just returned from the playoff game, we thought the New York Yankees sucked.

Or even better: We saw the New York Yankees in the playoff game and thought they sucked.

Once you start paying attention to misplaced modifiers and confusing word order, you’ll notice it everywhere.

One word you’ll see frequently misplaced is only.

So it’s not: Only publish good content.

It’s actually: Publish only good content.

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Do you know you can listen to this book on Amazon Audible for FREE?

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Key Takeaways

Trim the start or lop it off completely.

Rearrange the words in the sentence in relation to the others, and it is the most straightforward correction which gives a clear meaning to the sentence.

Don’t dangle the modifying phrase.

Think twice before placing only before a verb.

My example:

Wrong: Only go to the pub if you have a mask.

Correct: Go to the pub only if you have a mask.


Pay attention when you are writing and correct some common errors like misplaced modifiers and reorder odd word order. For more concrete examples, check the book.

I am rewriting the above ☝️ summary with the points taken from the book.

How is this? πŸ‘‡

When you are writing, pay attention and correct common errors like misplaced modifiers or reorder the words. Check the book for more concrete examples.

Which one is better?

Second one. Right? What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @scriptstar

If you read and understand the excellent practical and easy implementable material in this book, it will surely transform your writing and business alike.

What are you waiting? Go and buy and transform your writing for good forever.

Everybody Writes

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