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Today, I am reading the first chapter Who Should Read this Book? chapter of the brand new book Linked Inbound written by Sam Rathling.

TL;DR! šŸ’¬

This book was written for every individual that knows the huge potential of LinkedInĀ® but has no idea how to unlock it.

When writing this book, author Sam Rathling Social Selling framework has generated close to Ā£10million in closed business for her clients in a year. Typically, sales directors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, and Experts pick up this book because they are worried about a weak or empty sales pipeline.

Learn, master and implement 8 strategies discussed in the book Linked Inbound** and you will catapult your LinkedInĀ® results, smash your sales quota, build your brand and achieve everything you want in your business.

Who Should Read this Book?

Sales Directors, CEOā€™s, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Experts pick up this book because they are worried about their weak sales pipeline. Despite being good at what they do, they donā€™t have enough leads and need more clients.

Most people know they need to be on LinkedInĀ® but are frustrated because they donā€™t remember to make it work, and they canā€™t seem to get the leads into their business that they know they should be getting.

This is easy to understand, simple and practical guide that you can implement in your business or sales team.

ā€œLinked Inboundā€ was written as an easy to understand, practical and straightforward guide that will be effective for your business and take very little time to implement.

You will benefit hugely from this book if:

  1. You have no profile at all on LinkedInĀ® and are starting from scratch.

  2. You have a profile on LinkedInĀ® but canā€™t remember the last time you looked at it!

  3. You are using LinkedInĀ® already but currently do not get any business from it.

  4. You have limited time to spend on LinkedInĀ® and need to know the daily habits.

  5. You are ready to take your online reputation and your business to the next level.

  6. You want to position yourself as the ā€˜go-to expert in your field.

  7. You know your target market is on LinkedInĀ®, but you have no clue how to gain access to them.

  8. You have employees to whom you could replicate this advice.

  9. You have less than 15 minutes a day to spend on networking sites like LinkedInĀ®

  10. You have heard of ā€˜Social Sellingā€™ but donā€™t know what it is or how to turn LinkedInĀ® into real leads and sales opportunities.

If you put aside 1 hour a week for the next 90 days, you would be able to revamp your LinkedInĀ® presence completely.

Thatā€™s it for today. Tomorrow, we will read the next chapter, 8 Social Selling Strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedInĀ® is an amazing business tool. Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, you really can generate massive opportunities, new leads and clients.

  • LinkedInĀ® marketing and social selling is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes consistency and patience. This is not a magic bullet or a quick fix.


  • This book will help you win more clients, and the more you implement from this book, the better your chances of securing new leads from LinkedIn. Over time you will generate inbound leads, grow your brand and prospect effectively to build your sales pipeline.

Linked Inbound

Author(s): Sam Rathling

Short Blurb: This book was written for every individual that knows the huge potential of LinkedInĀ®, but with no ā€¦ Read more
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