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Today, I am reading Chapter 11: Premium vs Sales Navigator from the book Linked Inbound by Sam Rathling.

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This book was written for every individual that knows the huge potential of LinkedInĀ® but has no idea how to unlock it.

When writing this book, author Sam Rathling Social Selling framework has generated close to Ā£10million in closed business for her clients in a year. Typically, sales directors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, and Experts pick up this book because they are worried about a weak or empty sales pipeline.

Learn, master and implement 8 strategies discussed in the book Linked Inbound and you will catapult your LinkedInĀ® results, smash your sales quota, build your brand and achieve everything you want in your business.

Yesterday, I finished reading Chapter 10: Building Community In Groups from the book Linked Inbound book.


Premium vs Sales Navigator

Everything in this book so far has been written for the FREE version of LinkedInĀ®. However, several paid options to choose from on LinkedInĀ®.

It helps to understand the breadth of the LinkedInĀ® offering, and each is targeted at users in different situations:


The LinkedInĀ® Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Corporate are essential tools for recruiters.

Job Seekers:

The Job Seeker licence allows you to be seen as a featured applicant, compare yourself to other candidates, and send messages directly to recruiters.


The three levels for general use are (1) Free, (2) Premium, and (3) Sales Navigator.

The major difference here is how deeply and with how much detail you can see your extended network, your ability to reach a wider network, and the search functions that give greater granularity than the free version.

LinkedInĀ®’s Sales Navigator Offering

Sales Navigator allows sales professionals to tap into the power of LinkedInĀ® efficiently.

Here is a list of all the features included with Sales Navigator:

  • Easily find new and promising leads with advanced search options.

  • Get real-time sales updates about your prospects and customers.

  • Unlock full profiles for leads who aren’t in your network.

  • See who has shown interest in your products and services; view their profiles.

  • Reach out to other members with the InMail option.

  • Measure and track your social selling efforts with Social Selling Index (SSI) dashboard.

  • Build trusted relationships with colleagues and other members.

  • Earn quick and easy recommendations from other team members.

  • Reach out to different verticals and professionals across the globe.

  • Cross-selling benefits to accompany your products and services.

  • Focus on the right people, reach them at the most appropriate time of selling.

  • Unlimited search results with additional filters such as postcode and headcount.

  • The ability to save leads (people) and track their activity.

  • The ability to save accounts (companies) and track their activity.

  • ‘View Similar ‘will give you an additional 100 suggested profiles.

  • Get amazing insights on the go with mobile app availability.

  • Create and save lists based on your Boolean searches.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, we will read the next chapter, Chapter 12: Planning Social Selling Habits.


  • Take the 30-day free trial of Sales Navigator once you feel comfortable with LinkedInĀ®

  • Practice running advanced searches for Leads (People) with the extra filters.

  • Practice running advanced searches for Accounts (Companies) with the extra filters.

  • Save your Leads and Accounts to specific lists and start receiving updates on them.

  • Decide if you want to become a long-term Sales Navigator licence holder

Linked Inbound

Author(s): Sam Rathling

Short Blurb: This book was written for every individual that knows the huge potential of LinkedInĀ®, but with no ā€¦ Read more
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