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Today I am reading the final chapter chapter Checklist from the book The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (and Why They Don’t) written by Author, Sean D’Souza.

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Do you often wonder what your customer is thinking? Don’t leave the thought process to chance and let that customer walk away. Your customers don’t want to walk away. They want to buy from you.

The Brain Audit shows you how the customer takes decisions. And what you need to put in place, so that the customer feels happy to buy products or services from you.

Yesterday, I read Bag No. 7: The Uniqueness chapter from the book The Brain Audit

From the introduction chapter, we read and understand that we need to know the 7 elements of why our customers buy from us or why they don’t. Here are the 7 things for you to recap.

  • Bag No. 1: The Problem
  • Bag No. 2: The Solution
  • Bag No. 3: The Target Profile (The Trigger)
  • Bag No. 4: The Objections
  • Bag No. 5: The Testimonials
  • Bag No. 6: The Risk Reversal
  • Bag No. 7: The Uniqueness

Checklist: The Problem

  • List all your customers’ problems.
  • Isolate the three main problems.
  • Isolate the biggest problem.

Checklist: The Solution

  • Isolate the solution that solves the biggest problem.

  • Is your ‘solution statement’ the mirror-image of the ‘problem statement’?

  • Have you audited your communication to check that the solution doesn’t pop up first? (It should come after the problem).

Do you know you can listen to this book on Amazon Audible for FREE?

Do you know you can listen to this book on Amazon Audible for FREE?

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Checklist: The Target Profile

  • Who is your target audience? What is the demographic?

  • Now choose three people from that demographic as your target profiles.

  • Narrow it down to one person.

  • Speak to that person and get a list of problems (with regard to a product/service).

  • Choose one problem then expand it.

  • Use that very same person to get feedback (so be aware that what you hear and what they are saying may be different).

Checklist: The Trigger

  • List your target profile.

  • List the main problem.

  • List the main solution.

  • Now test the trigger.

Do you get the response: ‘What do you mean by that?’ or ‘How do you do that?’

If you do not get the response, you need to rework your trigger. Start from the top again.

Checklist: Biggest Objection

  • Brainstorm all the possible objections to your product or service.

  • Now list all the answers to all the objections.

  • List the biggest objection and the answer.

Checklist: Testimonials

Step 1: Get the Testimonials

1) What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying this product/service?

2) What did you find as a result of buying this product/service?

3) What specific feature did you like most about this product/service?

4) What would be three other benefits of this product/service?

5) Would you recommend this product/service? If so, why?

6) Is there anything you’d like to add?

Checklist: Testimonials

Objection 1:


Objection 2:


Objection 3:


Objection 4:


Checklist: Risk Reversal

  • Identify the obvious risk.

  • Identify the hidden risk.

  • Decide on your risk reversal.

  • Name the risk reversal for your product/service.

Product/Service 1:

Risk Reversal:

Product/Service 2:

Risk Reversal:

Product/Service 3:

Risk Reversal:

Checklist: Your Uniqueness

  • Write down what you want to do in your business that’s different from everyone else?

  • List all the factors that could make your business unique.

  • Use ‘Weighted Ranking’ to decide.

  • Now list only one factor that is going to be your point of uniqueness.

  • Flesh out the uniqueness to create more clarity.

  • Does your uniqueness solve a problem for a specific audience?

  • Test your uniqueness to see that it is really unique.

  • List how you are going to propagate your uniqueness.

    • Website:
    • Brochure:
    • Promotional Material:
    • Business Card:
    • Other:

That’s it. I finished one more book. This book is going to be my number one business book recommendation, above all else. I don’t think any other reader would topple this place in my lifetime. It’s that good. Go and get it.

Buy or not buy?

This book is excellent. Do not hesitate to pick this. Pick the physical book, so you take notes and highlight the bits you want to reference later. This book is such a kind of book where you need to pass it to the next generation.

Listen, I don’t care whether you buy the book using one of the links on the page or not but just buy. You will be glad for my recommendation.

The Brain Audit

Author(s): Sean D'Souza

Short Blurb: How the Brain Goes Through Decision-Making: Do you often wonder what your customer is thinking? … Read more
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