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Today I am reading chapter 9, INJECT CONTENT WITH A POWERFUL BRAND VOICE of the book The One Hour Content Plan written by Author Meera Kothand.

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By reading this book The One Hour Content Plan, you can be able to show your readers a clear path to your products and services. You should be able to discover what topics your audience wants so you’ll have direction and focus. The book helps you to establish your brand, and ultimately support the growth of your blog and business.

Tomorrow, I will be reading a new chapter WHAT IS THE BEST CONTENT FORMAT? Look out for tomorrow’s article.

Section IV


In this section, we’ll start by addressing what it means to package your content in a way that attracts the attention of your target audience.

According to the author, your content needs to have three critical elements.

Attract, delight and convert your readers.

Attention comes at a premium in our wired world. Attention is currency. The right content package accentuates and contributes to the flavour of your content – Randi Zuckerberg.

How to do that is all about this section.

Chapter 9


A brand voice should be consistent across your content pieces. It has to be different than your competitors.

Your content should not be a commodity content in your space.

“When you write like everyone else, you’re saying, ‘Our products are like everyone else’s.” — Jason Fried

Here are the three ways you can carve out your brand message to be unique in your space.

  1. Take stock.
  2. What words describe your brand?
  3. Put these together using the ADDE (Attribute Markers - Do’s - Dont’s - Expression) formula

Plenty of examples and inspirational ideas provided throughout the chapter so please consider buying the book.

An example provided by the author after following the above three principles:

Attribute MarkersDo’sDon’tsSpecial expression
Honest but not hurtfulHonest about mistakes and failures. Keep promises and pride customer service. Reply personally to emailsOversell or hardsell. Push what they are losing out by not purchasing your productUse emojis like :) in writing
Bold but not arrogant.Not afraid to challenge the status quo viewpoints in the niche. Never apologise for contrarian standpointUse jargon. Use expletives. Use passive voiceTalk soon, Say WHAAT
Fun but not wishy-washyExpressive. Use names to call your tribe and don’t apologise for it.Use expletives. Use passive voice.Sign off with xoxo

Action Item:

Determine your brand voice by filling out the ADDE table.
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Do you know you can listen to this book on Amazon Audible for FREE?

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Key Takeaways

  • Your reader’s attention is your currency
  • You need a consistence experience across your brand.
  • You don’t want to sound like others in your niche.


Try to create consistency across your brand. Get readers attention by following the three principles explained in the book. Take stock, What words describe your brand?, Put these together using the ADDE (Attribute Markers - Do’s - Dont’s - Expression) formula.

This book comes alive from the chapter 6. The book is worth just the example mentioned and ideas provided in this section. I highly recommend this book if you have a blog or you want to research something for your project.

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