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Today, I am still reading the Step 2: Build Your Data-Backed Strategic Marketing Plan chapter of the book The Undefeated Marketing System written by Phillip Stutts.

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What if the key to future success lies in a simple and secret marketing approach that presidents use to get elected and startup companies to become billion-dollar unicorns? What if you could use this approach to convert customers in half the time, eliminate your financial risk, and secure huge profits?

In The Undefeated Marketing System, bestselling author Phillip Stutts shows you how his groundbreaking five-step marketing formula used by winning presidents and successful companies will also grow your business.

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, executive, or marketing professional determined to beat the competition in any economic environment, and this is your next must-read book.

Yesterday, I finished reading Build Your Strategy around Your Outcomes and Your Customers’ Values and Motivations section from The Undefeated Marketing System book.

Chapter 3

Step 2: Build Your Data-Backed Strategic Marketing Plan

You might follow the five steps to a T, but you won’t get results if you develop boring unemotional creative content.

You must have creative content that speaks to your customers’ emotions.

The whole point of using a data-backed strategy is to make your customer feel something. Whether that’s self-importance, laughter, excitement, or any variety of emotions—that will depend on who your customer is. But no matter what, make them feel. Otherwise, all the strategies in the world will be useless.

Your marketing strategy is made up of a lot of different tactics: audience targeting, platforms, message. But in the end, it all comes back to one thing—using data to find out what will motivate your customers. Every element of your strategy should be informed by what your customers’ value and how they behave.

Here Is Why You Have to Be Adaptable

There’s no magic marketing wand. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. There is no tactic that works for every business, client, or customer. And if your marketing agency tells you otherwise, they’re lying to your face.

Your business is too important for a whack-a-mole approach. Every tactic you use should be part of a larger strategic plan. And that your own version should always inform the strategic plan of the Customer Insights Report.

Where do your customers or clients go to look for information Credibility? Like-minded values? What social media sites do they interact with? How are they changing their media consumption habits over time? Because trust me, they are constantly changing.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, we will continue to read the same chapter Step 2: Build Your Data-Backed Strategic Marketing Plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Business owners are too close to their business, and they’ve been using tactics-based marketing for so long, they’ve lost sight of the forest for the trees!”

The Undefeated Marketing System

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