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Today, I am still reading the Step 5: Launch Your Data-Backed Marketing Campaign chapter of the book The Undefeated Marketing System written by Phillip Stutts.

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What if the key to future success lies in a simple and secret marketing approach that presidents use to get elected and startup companies to become billion-dollar unicorns? What if you could use this approach to convert customers in half the time, eliminate your financial risk, and secure huge profits?

In The Undefeated Marketing System, bestselling author Phillip Stutts shows you how his groundbreaking five-step marketing formula used by winning presidents and successful companies will also grow your business.

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, executive, or marketing professional determined to beat the competition in any economic environment, and this is your next must-read book.

Yesterday, I started reading Step 5: Launch Your Data-Backed Marketing Campaign chapter from The Undefeated Marketing System book.

Chapter 6

Step 5: Launch Your Data-Backed Marketing Campaign

Want to Put Your Undefeated Marketing System on Steroids? Here’s How

We often partner with PR firms to enhance the publicity opportunities for our clients, and then we market the hell out of those PR opportunities to tap into the compound effect.

Finding PR opportunities isn’t enough. You have to promote those opportunities in ads, social media, and wherever your target audience will see them. Think of PR as another form of compound growth. It’s one more dime that you can leverage so your pool of money keeps growing.

Want to know why PR works so well? Because it gives your third-party business validation, while a direct ad tells customers how great your company’s products or services are.

When you can get third-party validation of your product or service, it makes your product or service much more intriguing.

You Have to Always Keep Adapting Your launch (Step 5) isn’t just a one-time event. Launching requires you to continually optimize your marketing performance month after month, year after year.

As we’ve learned from major events like pandemics, social unrest, and unexpected economic turns, consumer sentiment changes constantly.

Sometimes those changes take years, and sometimes they only take days. The companies that stay on top of those changes are the ones that are prepared to grow in any economic environment.

That’s it for today. We finished the book. Tomorrow, we will continue to read a new book.

The Undefeated Marketing System

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