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Today I am reading second chapter of the book Your First 100: How to Get Your First 100 Repeat Customers (and Loyal, Raving Fans) Buying Your Digital Products Without Sleazy Marketing or Selling Your Soul written by Author, Meera Kothand.

TL;DR! 💬

What if you had a pool of repeat customers and loyal, raving fans waiting to buy EVERY SINGLE ONE of your digital products?

What if you never had to chase or wonder where the next sale of your digital product is going to come from?

What if you knew exactly how to turn first time visitors into subscribers and then loyal customers who stay and buy again and again and again?

The Book Your First 100: How to Get Your First 100 Repeat Customers will allow you to discover how to take the brand and business you have right now and transform it into one that has the potential to build repeat customers and loyal, raving fans..

Yesterday, I started to read How Your Content Can Pave the Way for Your First 100 Repeat Customers and Loyal, Raving Fans? section from the book Your First 100.

Up to now, we understand that just like a brick and mortar business, your online business has several points of interaction with your audience. These brand interactions are called touchpoints.

We understand there will be 5 touchpoints and as well as 5 core areas which anchor and impact your touchpoints.

Touch points:

  1. Pre-Touch Point
  2. Premier (First) TouchPoint
  3. Pivotal TouchPoint
  4. Prime TouchPoint
  5. Post TouchPoint

Core areas:

  1. Brand
  2. Content
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Digital Products (and Offers)
  5. Selling Practices


There are various stages that an ideal customer goes through when they come into contact with your brand.

Ideal Customer Journey

Ideal Customer Journey

Here’s what the typical journey is like for an ideal customer:

Stranger > Casual reader > Subscriber > Engaged subscriber> Customer > Brand advocate

If you look closely, it nicely aligns with the 5P Touch Framework.

Existing customers who know, like, and trust you have a different relationship with you than a brand-new subscriber who doesn’t know you yet.

We will look at the different content pieces you need to create to capitalize on each touchpoint fully.

To recap, here are the 5 Touchpoints

  • Pre-Touchpoint
  • Premier (First) Touchpoint
  • Pivotal Touchpoint
  • Pivotal Touchpoint
  • Post Touchpoint

Pre-Touch Point

The content you will create at this stage is about becoming visible.

This person has absolutely no clue about you, so you need to promote yourself and your content through external channels like guest posts, podcasts, and social media.

Action Steps:

Your headline and call to action in your author bio or podcast pitch are promises of the type of content they can expect if they click through.


If you keep those promises, your reader will be ready to take the next step.

Premier (First) TouchPoint

This is where a casual reader is ready to become a subscriber.

But you need to invite them to become a subscriber. This is where you offer a compelling lead magnet or opt-in incentive.


Your site also has to be optimized and prepared to convert a casual reader to a subscriber.


You will get an inquisitive subscriber.

Pivotal Touchpoint

The magic happens when someone is already on your list.

This is where you create content to give them a deeper glimpse into your values and teachings.

This is where you nurture them through regular emails and sequences.


Create content distinct from the content you share on your blog. While your blog posts cover “How-tos”, your email content should share thought-provoking strategies and give a glimpse behind your business’s workings to the subscriber.


Subscribers will love you, and if you nurture them right, they will become a buyer.

That’s it for today. I will read the remaining two touchpoints tomorrow.

Your First 100

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Short Blurb: What if you had a pool of repeat customers and loyal, raving fans waiting to buy EVERY SINGLE ONE of … Read more
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